What People Are Reading: ICYMI Roundup (October – December 2019)

The CPM ICYMI enewsletter brings a brief weekly wrap-up of legal tech and practice management tips, breaking news and useful information. Here are the articles that captured the attention of the readers by top click each week in October-December:

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Lawyer(s) in Your Life

Perhaps you missed shopping on Black Friday or CyberMonday, or you realized there is another person to buy for this holiday season. Maybe someone has been asking you what you want, but you just haven’t been able to think about it. At this time of year, a number of podcasts and websites compile lists of “gifts for lawyers”. CPM has created a curated and (de-duped) list of highlights of their selections to make choosing easier!

Here Is the Simple Method That Is Helping Law Firms Not Get Ransomware

Craig Bayer suggests the first step in reducing ransomware infections (and any other type of malware or virus that depends on being able to run an executable) is to stop logging into your computer with admin rights – and he provides screenshots and step by step instructions on how to create a standard login in addition to your admin login. Great advice!

Millennials Hate Phone Calls, And They Have A Point

If you work with or for Millennials be aware that they find phone calls intrusive and a waste of time. That may seem harsh, but a phone call can seem invasive because it demands an instant response. So, what do they like?

How to Create A New Client Welcome Kit

Allison Shields writing for Lawyerist offers a great checklist of what to include in your new client welcome kit. Don’t have a new client welcome kit? Then read this article to find out why they are a great tool for the client experience and communication.

Best Laptops for Lawyers: A Computer Buying Guide

Lawyerist has updated their computer buying guide just in time if you are considering buying new hardware to replace your Windows 7 computers. Many of their assertions are on point, though the equivalency between a Mac and a Windows machine is not as equal as suggested, especially for firms running client-server based practice management that requires installation on your computer – unless you want to boot into Windows it simply won’t work on a Mac. Also, not mentioned in this article, it is always best to buy “business class” hardware for computers running the Windows-based operating system. You will get better warranties, better specs, and less bloatware. And yes, you will pay more. NCBA members get great discounts on Lenovo products.

How I Stopped Taking Unscheduled Calls

In addition to revealing how he took control over his time by reducing unscheduled calls, lawyer Ben Hudson also provides some smart ideas on how to leverage support staff, including retitling the position of receptionist to “client coordinator”.

LinkedIn and Lawyers: Social Media Interaction for Attorneys

Melanie Trudeau from Jaffe PR offers some do’s and don’ts on how to use LinkedIn. The article includes answers to questions like “do I connect with everyone who asks?” and “should I use hashtags in LinkedIn posts?” and “is it worth paying for a premium account?”.

Google Spent Years Studying Effective Bosses. Now They Teach New Managers These 6 Things 

Being a manager requires commitment and time. Google’s Project Oxygen studied worker’s impressions of their managers and identified 8 habits of highly effective management techniques and put together a management training workshop. Now they have shared their work with everyone to take advantage of what they learned.


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