Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Lawyer(s) in Your Life

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Perhaps you missed shopping on Black Friday or CyberMonday, or you realized there is another person to buy for this holiday season. Maybe someone has been asking you what you want, but you just haven’t been able to think about it. At this time of year, a number of podcasts and websites compile lists of “gifts for lawyers”. Below is a (de-duped) list of highlights of their selections to make choosing easier!

Each of these compilations has many more ideas and descriptions so read the full articles (or listen to the podcast) for more suggestions!

2019 Gifts for Lawyers |ABA Journal

  • Justice Baseball: A baseball in a protective clear lucite display box that has “Justice, justice, thou shalt pursue” written across one side of the baseball and a picture of the scales of justice on the other side. Both images are placed on top of a painted version of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Hiluckey Portable Waterproof Solar Charger: A solar charger built for practically any mobile device.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers | Sui Generis–a New York law blog

  • “The 2019 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide” by Sharon D. Nelson, John W. Simek, and Michael C. Maschke: This annual guide helps lawyers with recommendations, specs and helpful information to help with purchasing decisions for law office hardware, software and systems.
  • Apple AirPods Pro: Wireless in-ear speaker/microphone that include features like noise cancelling, transparency mode to let outside noise in, sweat and water resistant, wireless charging, audio sharing and voice commands through Siri. For your iDevices. You can get it personalized with your name, initials or a phone number.
  • LegalBoard: A keyboard created just for lawyers, now wireless (pre-order).

The Lawyer Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For The Attorney In Your Life | Above the Law

  • Legal Pad Bow Tie: A bowtie with a legal pad pattern. There is a scarf available too.
  • LAWSUIT! board game: “Players face whimsical legal scenarios and the choices attorneys in law firms make every day– whether to pursue a settlement, accept a verdict or appeal, practice solo or in a partnership. LAWSUIT! introduces players as young as 8 years old to how our justice system works, whether on family game night or in social studies or civics class.”
  • Approach the Bench Superior Chess Set: Official chess set of the Supreme Court Historical Society!
  • World’s Okayest Lawyer Mug: Insulated travel mug that fits in your car cup holder.
  • My Cousin Vinny: The greatest courtroom drama of all time.

‘Tis the Season: Tech Toys for the Holidays 2019 | Digital Edge Podcast on the Legal Talk Network

  • Moment App: Reduce your digital addiction distraction by tracking how much time you spend on your phone, which apps you use the most, and establish screen-free times.
  • Rocketbook Fusion: A reusable pen and paper notebook with seven different page templates, like a weekly planner, task lists and monthly calendars, that you can send to your cloud storage of choice and then erase and reuse the pages.
  • Backupify: Online backup service for Office 365 and G-Suite
  • TP-LINK AC750 Wi-Fi Range Extender: Extend the range of your Wi-Fi with this device, compatible with any router. It has smart indicator lights to help you provide optimal placement.
  • SanDisk SDCZ880-128G-G46 Extreme PRO: Protect your files with an encrypted USB Flash Drive.
  • Smart Vehicle Health Monitor: Diagnose your car’s warning lights by plugging this into your car’s OBD2 port and you are ready to go. It interprets all of the car codes for you and lets you know what’s really going on with your car.

Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers |

  • A meal kit subscription: “Cooking after a long day of due diligence is such a pain but having all your ingredients pre-measured and delivered to your door certainly takes some of the hassle out of it. There are almost limitless options, but some of the favorites out there are Blue ApronPlated, and HelloFresh.”
  • Stabilo Boss highlighters: A cult favorite of law students on Instagram.

Son of Analog Attorney’s Gift Guide for Attorneys Who Analog | Attorney at Work

Gift Ideas for Lawyers & Law Students | LegalLee Blonde

Ideas from the North Carolina Bar Association’s Center for Practice Management

  • Foldable Keyboard (here, here or here): Thin, foldable Bluetooth keyboard to make typing a long email, editing a document or live-tweeting from your smartphone easier.
  • The Barisieur: An alarm clock/coffee maker hybrid that wakes you to the sound and smell of a fresh pour-over coffee or hot tea.
  • Tile: Waterproof GPS finder that sticks to anything, so you don’t lose your bespoke umbrella.

CLE and Books for Every NC Lawyer Literary Buff:

The Senator’s Son by Charles Olham

“On Monday, February 13, 1905, eight-year-old Kenneth Beasley walked to the back of his school’s playground and into the melting snow of the woods beyond. The son of a North Carolina state senator was never seen again. A year and a half later, a political rival was charged in what became one of North Carolina’s biggest trials ever, receiving coverage up and down the East Coast. The eventual verdict and stunning aftermath would rip apart two families and shock a state… yet leave a mystery unsolved. Now Charles Oldham, attorney, and author has reopened the case, along the way investigating not only it but the state’s political, racial, lynching and liquor cultures. The result is an absorbing must-read story.”

Murder on Birchleaf Drive by Steven B. Epstein

“To the outside world, Jason and Michelle Young lived a storybook life—an attractive couple with great jobs, a beautiful home, a precocious two-year-old daughter, and a baby boy on the way.

Soon after the 29-year-old pregnant mother’s brutally beaten body was discovered on their bedroom floor, a very different picture emerged. Of a marriage crumbling at its foundation. Of a meddlesome New York mother-in-law whose running critique left Jason frustrated and angry. Of a 32-year-old man who behaved like a frat boy rebelling against adult responsibilities.

Was Jason the monster who bludgeoned his beautiful wife to death, leaving his toddler alone for hours to walk through her blood? If so, would he get away with it?”

And don’t miss Steve’s CLE on Trial Strategy for True Crime Lovers on January 10th.

Race and Justice: New York Times Best-Selling Author Tells the True-Crime Story Started by Harper Lee [On Demand]

Casey Cep’s New York Times best-seller, Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee, is a three-in-one narrative nonfiction work of an apparent serial killer’s family-focused malevolence, the trial of the man who stopped him when the law failed to, and Harper Lee’s effort to chronicle both as a “true crime” inspired follow-up to To Kill A Mockingbird.

Former North Carolina Deputy Attorney General Hampton Dellinger interviews Cep about an array of law-related issues raised by her book, including attorney professionalism and legal ethics, racial justice, insanity defenses, and legal research and writing.

The accompanying manuscript includes excerpts from Furious Hours, plus citations and discussion to foster a deeper appreciation of the book while also aiding a viewer’s daily legal practice.

Whimsical, practical, affordable, or just weird, these gifts for lawyers are sure to endear – or at least amuse – the lawyer on your list.