Startup & Marketing Your Practice ConferenceOct. 30-31

Gain Practical Skills to Build and Market Your Practice

Are you starting up, starting over or want to invest in marketing and client development efforts for your practice? Join us for the Startup & Marketing Your Practice (ST&MP) conference Oct. 30-31 at the North Carolina Bar Center in Cary to gain practical insights and how-to knowledge to take the next step in building your practice.

DAY 1 (Full Day)

Startup Bootcamp (Track 1)

  • Starting a practice
  • Budget and financing
  • Building a client base
  • Web and social media
  • Matter Management
  • Risk Management
  • and more!

Marketing (Track 2)

  • Customer Relationship Management tools
  • Marketing automation
  • Niche practice
  • Communication and Client Experience
  • Reputation Management and more

DAY 2 (Half Day)

Follow up on sessions with our hands-on workshops that will provide facilitated guidance to help you turn what you’ve learned into action.

Startup/Catch Up Workshops:

  • Startup budget
  • Engagement automation
  • Business continuity plan
  • Incident response plan

Marketing Workshops:  

  • Client persona 
  • Elevator speech  
  • Writing for blogs  
  • Writing a bio