CPM Events

Learning Objectives Webinar series

Held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at noon, these short webinars will focus on the nuts and bolts technologies for the law office and how to use them more effectively. Free and exclusively for NC Bar Association members.

Learning Objectives: Defensive Calendaring  (May 15 at 12pm) Does your calendar feel like it is under constant attack? Is managing meetings, events, client consultations and to-dos overwhelming? Do you know how to effectively leverage electronic calendars such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to block and tackle for time? Come to this session to learn some defensive calendaring techniques and tips to effectively coordinate meetings with multiple people, allow people to self schedule and leverage artificial intelligence to help you get out of the business of negotiating availability. Register Now!

Learning Objectives: Outlook Tips and Add-ons (June 19 at 12pm) MS Outlook is the top email application for business use. It is an incredibly powerful product but like many powerful applications most users only know how to leverage a small fraction of it’s power. In this session we’ll look at not only native features and functions that will help manage email more effectively but we’ll also look at some add ons that will super power Outlook for communication and collaboration. Register Now!

Learning Objectives: Encryption at Rest and in Transit (July 17 at 12pm) Whether third party encryption or setting built into the technology you use every day there are a number of ways to encrypt emails and their attachments. Why do you need to encrypt them? Here are a few scenarios: You are a real estate attorney under constant thread of wire fraud and man in the middle attacks;  you are a family law attorney with an enraged spouse potentially between your emails and your client; you don’t know whether your client is reading the email on a corporate device that by policy brings into question the privilege of the email; you are emailing patent specifications; you are representing a government whistleblower and the list goes on. The question is when do you NOT need to encrypt emails and securely send documents to clients. We will look at a variety of ways to easily and efficiently get this done. Register Now!

Learning Objectives: Intro to Microsoft Teams (August 21 at 12pm) Microsoft Office 365 provides a new tool to the toolbox with Teams. Teams integrates chat, document sharing, whiteboards, on demand video and audio calls, project management and much more. In this session will we will explore how a law firm might leverage teams for matter management. Register Now!


** No CLE credit will be available