CPM Question of the Month: May 2020


Q: If I get Microsoft 365 for Business (formerly Office 365) do I have to use OneDrive to store my files in the cloud?

A: No, you don’t. You can continue to store your files on your local device, on a file server, in a document management or practice management system, or with the cloud file storage provider of your choice. In many ways Microsoft makes it easy to choose where files are stored – even the new Office app lets you add access to other cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Of course, no matter where you store your files, you’ll want to make sure they are accessible to the people who need them within the firm and are adequately backed up. One caveat to the “store your documents anywhere” in Microsoft 365 is that if you use Teams and upload or create files in a channel by default the documents are stored in SharePoint, unless you add a different cloud storage provider.  You can also check with your document management or practice management application provider to see how best to sync and store files with Microsoft 365, including necessary plugins or additional steps.

Want to learn more about Microsoft 365 for Business? Access this on-demand CLE (tech credit!) from NCBA CLE: Hidden Gems in Office 365 for Lawyers (May 2020)

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