CPM Question of the Month: April 2020


Q: My office phone services provider helped me forward my office phone to my personal mobile phone. They suggested when I make calls to my clients from my cell that I first dial *67 to block the client from seeing my personal mobile number. Is this a good idea?

A: It is great you can forward your office phone to your mobile phone. The reason the provider suggests returning calls with *67 is to block the caller ID so your personal number would not be exposed to the client. However, without some advance warning,  your client may not answer a call from an unknown number. Consider a temporary solution by getting a Skype or Google Voice number and letting your clients know that you will be returning their calls from a new number and what it is. If your client returns the call it will be either to your office phone or to your temporary number – but not to your personal mobile number. You can schedule calls with clients. For more considerations on phones see COVID-19: Law Firm Operations (under Voice/Telephony) and COVID-19: Serving Clients (under Notify Your Clients and Communicating with Clients Remotely).