What People Are Reading: ICYMI Roundup (August/September 2019)

The CPM ICYMI enewsletter brings a brief weekly wrap-up of legal tech and practice management tips, breaking news and useful information. Here are the articles that captured the attention of the readers by top click each week in August/September:

Tips for Divorce Lawyers to Help Clients Avoid Tech Mistakes

It isn’t just lawyers who need to be careful with technology, clients need to be aware of how they can make their case more difficult because of technology blunders. This article on the MassLOMAP blog, guest written by John Simek and Sharon Nelson, provides practical advice for matrimonial lawyers advising clients on a “do not do” list.

6 Signs You Need a Personal Health Day ASAP

This article points to telltale signs that you may be experiencing burnout and ways to reset during a personal day off.

Don’t Retire Early or Buy a Home If You Want to Be Happy, Experts Say

The headline for this article is actually “don’t retire early, buy a home, or become a lawyer if you want to be happy”. You may have already achieved 3 out of 3 but don’t skip the article! There are several good points about how to be happier – like stop apologizing – even if you are a lawyer.

10 Best Law Firm Websites 2019

Every year since 2010 the Lawyerist has picked its top 10 solo/small firm websites. Look at the sites they’ve picked this year and the reasons why to understand how you can make your website resonate with potential and current clients.

3 Ingredients of Great Lawyers

It isn’t where you went to law school, how many cases you’ve won or how many awards you have received. Read this article to find out what three adjectives clients use most frequently when describing the characteristics of outstanding lawyers.

Six Tips for Turning Good Writing into Great Writing

One secret to great writing is rewriting, according to author Kim Lozano. You should give yourself enough time prior to the deadline to put your writing away and revisit it. While she also suggests that you print it out, there are tools built into Microsoft Word that can help with editing a draft, including one of her other tips – read it out loud.

Biglaw Firm Announces Nationwide Buyout Program

Change is afoot. While the ratio of support staff to lawyers has been shifting over the years as lawyers become more technologically competent and technology has been able to fill in the gaps for administerial duties, does this move portent things to come?

Stop using Internet Explorer immediately; also, why are you still using Internet Explorer?

Microsoft issued a critical vulnerability patch for a malicious hijack exploitable through Internet Explorer this week, outside of the “Patch Tuesday” updates. Internet Explorer has been replaced with the Edge browser from Microsoft. Alternatives to Internet Explorer include Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (Mac only). There are also newer browsers like Vivaldi that focus on security and privacy. Most of the browsers have a mechanism to migrate bookmarks so moving to an alternate browser is easy and seamless.

Hidden Gems for Lawyers in Office 365 

You may have subscribed to Office 365 — but do you know all of the products and features that come with that subscription? From invaluable add-ons to artificial intelligence to a mileage tracker we will explore the things you can do with Office 365 that are hiding in plain sight! Make sure you get the ROI out of your monthly subscription to this service – there is more to it than just the Office suite! Get a crash course in the best, newest Office 365 features for efficiency in law practice from Catherine Sanders Reach with this archived installment of Webinars for Busy Lawyers — in 30 minutes.

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