What People Are Reading: ICYMI Roundup (June/July)

The CPM ICYMI enewsletter brings a brief weekly wrap-up of legal tech and practice management tips, breaking news and useful information. Here are the articles that captured the attention of the readers by top click each week in June/July:

Public Speaking Tips for Your Next Presentation

A short but helpful piece by Ari Kaplan including an infographic on “10 ways to empower your public speaking”. Follow them all to increase your confidence behind the lectern!

7 Google Privacy Settings You Should Enable Now

This newsletter has highlighted many ways to reduce privacy erosion. Have you taken the time to do any of them? A new Netflix documentary, The Great Hack, explains how your daily Internet use provides detailed information about you to the highest bidder and the ways the information is used is staggering. Take a moment to enable these privacy settings now.

Navigating Introvert Hell: Networking Advice

Most lawyers are introverted, so what can you do to network in a way that meets your needs? This article explores methods to take networking from an anxiety-inducing experience to one that helps you create deep relationships and expand your network your way!

Easy Automation

Heidi S. Alexander, Director of MASS Lomap, provides food for thought and practical advice on adding automation with tools you already have (or are easy to get) to reduce administrative burdens and streamline processes. From automating file naming conventions to scheduling consultations to contacting prospective clients, Heidi explains how to make technology work for you in the “Big Ideas” issue of the ABA Law Practice Magazine. The entire issue is well worth a read!

How to Block Unwanted Calls

We all get them. A lot of them. Spam calls. Robocalls. Spoofed calls. The FTC has created a guide to help take control of our phones by covering ways to block these calls on mobile phones, VoiP phones and traditional landlines. Options include blocking apps and support from different cell carriers. If you are feeling helpful, you report them to help carriers and the FTC continue to pursue the offenders.

Time Management Tech Tips To Help Reclaim Your Weekend

Attorney at Work asked practice management technology experts, “What’s your best advice, tip or app to help lawyers manage their time more effectively so they can reclaim their weekends?” Here’s advice from Heidi Alexander, Sheila Blackford, Andrea Cannavina, Jared Correia, Tom Lambotte, Sharon Nelson and John Simek, Larry Port, and Reid Trautz on ways to streamline your daily work — so you can get more done before the weekend arrives.

Top Five Reasons Lawyers Lose Money

Excellent reminders and advice for best practices to make sure you are capturing time effectively (yes, even if you use flat fees), getting the bills out, leveraging retainers and capturing advanced costs.

How to Delete Your Alexa Recordings By Voice

Do you use a voice-activated assistant at work or at home? You are likely aware that Alexa sends all transcripts of your conversations with her (and possibly others) to Amazon’s servers for storage and analysis. If you wanted to delete the recordings you had to log into Amazon’s privacy dashboard and delete your recordings by hand. Now they have provided a new method – giving the command “Alexa, delete everything I said today”. This option is not on by default, nor does it delete previous recordings. Read the instructions in this How To Geek article to learn how to enable this feature, delete prior recordings and review the updated privacy policy. ** Update: Now Amazon lets Alexa users disable human voice recording review

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