What People Are Reading: ICYMI Roundup

Beginning in April 2019, CPM starting distributing the weekly CPM ICYMI enewsletter to subscribers, which brings a brief weekly wrap-up of legal tech and practice management tips, breaking news and useful information. Here are the articles that captured the attention of the readers by top click each week:

Kill Your Telephone! Your Clients (and Staff) Will Thank You

In the same way that you may no longer need a fax machine, but do need fax service, this firm explored options for replacing a traditional landline phone system with a VoIP replacement. Read about their journey and the eventual solution.

Spring Cleaning (For Your Devices)

We need to face the facts. Our devices are gross. Time for a Spring cleaning! PC Magazine offers ways to clean your computer, tablet, phone, smart speakers, and more. And, don’t forget your keyboard!

16+ iPhone Tips To Get Things Done Faster

Make sure you are using your device to its best advantage by going through this list of ways to boost efficiency on your iPhone including long press options, auto-responses, and Siri commands.

Tools to Edit Your Own Work

Editing your own documents, blog posts, social media posts, and email is difficult. In addition to editing for spelling and grammar, you need to review word choice, consistency, citation formatting and more. Is your writing clear and free of errors that could distract your reader?  It is difficult to effectively edit your own words because you know what you meant! Fortunately, there are several tools available to help you edit and refine your writing – including some built into Microsoft Word!

Why Law Firms Are Becoming Less Formal

Many lawyers are loosening dress code restrictions. Dressing appropriately for court or client meetings still means more formal attire, but a day spent in the office can be comfortable and productive. This article points out that more flexibility in the dress code can be considered a job perk, especially with millennials, and costs the firm nothing but good will!

How To Manage Your Perfectionism

There are instances where perfection is not necessary. Do you know when is good enough? This article from Harvard Business Review shows the ties between perfectionism and anxiety. The author provides tactics to manage perfectionism and break the cycle of rumination.

10 Ways to Be Less Busy and More Productive

Sometimes you just need to be reminded of what you already know, especially with the detrimental effects of unrealistic deadlines and declines in lawyer well-beingReduce multi-tasking and distractions, delegate, and “eat that frog” are just a few reminders in this article by Kerriann Stout on AbovetheLaw.

7 Ways to Get People To Like You

Want to build rapport and create trust? Robin Dreek, former FBI Behavioral Analyst and author of It’s Not All About “Me” shares 7 tips on how to engage people and put them at ease. Many of the behaviors are things that lawyers already do, but no harm in a refresher course!

Excel Tips to Manage and View Data

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for manipulating data and performing complex calculations. If you have a lot of information in a spreadsheet that you need to review, edit or re-purpose here are several tips that will make that job easier and more productive.

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