ABA TECHSHOW 2019 NCBA Member Discount and Some Marketing Tips

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North Carolina Bar Association Members Get $150 Off Standard Registration

ABA TECHSHOW has over 31 years of experience bringing lawyers and technology together. Legal work today is dependent on technology to manage day to day activities, to practice more competently, and to service clients more effectively. ABA TECHSHOW teaches you how technology can work for you. Through the expansive EXPO Hall, CLEs, presentations, and workshops, you will be able to get your questions answered and learn from the top legal professionals and tech innovators, all under one roof. Regardless of your expertise level, there’s something for you at ABA TECHSHOW.

As a member of the North Carolina Bar Association, we want you to know that you can register for ABA TECHSHOW 2019 at a special reduced rate. This discount only applies to registrants that qualify for the Standard registration and will save you $150. You can register online and include this unique discount code: EP1913 at checkout to receive the discount.

Celebrate over 31 years of legal technology and innovation. Network with legal technology experts from around the globe, Feb. 27 – March 2, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Don’t forget to visit www.techshow.com for current information on ABA TECHSHOW 2019, the best place for bringing lawyers and technology together.

Want to see an example of what you will learn? Here is an excerpt from Automating Your Digital Marketing Strategy from ABA TECHSHOW 2018 written and presented by NCBA Center for Practice Management Director Catherine Sanders Reach and Chelsey Lambert.  Want immediate gratification? Here are some tech tips highlighted in the session:

Marketing Tips from ABA TECHSHOW 2018 Session ‘Automating Your Digital Marketing Strategy’

1.) Looking for content ideas? You will need to consume a lot of information in order to generate timely content. One way to make that easy is to use a feed reader, like Feedly.  Subscribe to online news outlets, keyword alerts, and RSS feeds to create a steady stream of useful headlines to scan through every day. If you see an article that catches your interest you can tweet, blog, post and share the information immediately from the application. Or save it for later by adding it to Evernote, Pocket or marking it to “read later” in the app. How does it all work? See the video at: https://vimeo.com/224529087/9f9d83823a

2.) Are you writing original content? Once your content is generated, get it out there! You can automate this process, though the “how” varies depending on your blog or publishing platform. In WordPress you can search for an add-on or widget that lets you automate the process. Wix automatically asks if you want new blog posts to be fed to Twitter and Facebook. IFTTT (If This Then That) will let you set up a recipe to share posts from WordPress, Weebly and any blog platform that generates an RSS feed to any social network.  If all of the above sounds a bit outside your comfort zone check out dlvr.it (https://dlvr.it/pages/learn-more.php) which is a free (for 3 feeds and 2 social pages/profiles) tool that monitors your blog for new content and shares it with your social networks. It is simple to set up, and will help you spread the word to highlight your blogging efforts. Dlvr.it Pro will further your efforts by reposting content on a schedule and more.

3.) Do you need a little help moving contact information from an email signature block to your contact manager? Who doesn’t? Evercontact works with Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, Office 365, iPhones, and CRMs like Salesforce and Highrise. The software automatically creates and updates contacts from email signatures and sends them to your address book. There is a free trial for up to 200 emails. To keep it is $5 per month per person. There are group and Pro plans with more bells and whistles. One premium feature called “Contact Rescue” looks at your email for 1 or five years and collects the contact information (that is, if you hang on to email that long) for a one-time cost of $99 (1 year) or $199 (5 years) for one year of analysis of your email archives.  Evercontact will show you what it is adding to your address book and give you the chance to accept or reject it — so it isn’t so automatic that it fills your contacts with people you don’t want there or overwrites information you need to keep.